What Exactly is the COVID Vaccine Inoculating You From?

Posted: December 1, 2020

The Covid-19 pathogen has not been isolated or mapped.  None of the testing for the virus has passed any of Koch’s postulates which is the gold standard for identifying infectious pathogens and should be the foundation for the development of vaccines against infectious disease. The RT PCR tests only for genetic material, specifically exosomes and nucleotides, a natural bi-product of our immune system as well as DNA/RNA which are found in all biological life forms.  This may explain why fruits, vegetables, goats, chickens, etc., test positive using this diagnostic tool which is not a diagnostic tool at all.  This begs the question, what exactly is the Covid-19 vaccine inoculating you from?  What Exactly is the COVID Vaccine Inoculating You From? What Exactly is the COVID Vaccine Inoculating You From?

The vaccine contains nanotech – never before used in prophylactic or therapeutic disease prevention. They claim this allows for the vaccine to rewrite the DNA/RNA of the ‘virus’ to render it inert.  What other havoc can such a vaccine wreak in perfectly healthy DNA/RNA? These questions haven’t been answered or even addressed.  It’s important to note, that nanotech programming or ‘instructions’ can be communicated or transmitted via wireless frequencies (5G). What may those instructions (programming) look like down the road?  It is becoming clear that this vaccine is technology based vs. biology based.


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