David After Dentist is now an NFT | David Devore

David DeVore was seven years old in 2008 when a trip to the dentist left him feeling “funny” afterward. His dad, David Sr., recorded his son’s post-anesthesia musings (“Is this real life?” “You have four eyes” “I feel funny”), and when he uploaded it to YouTube a few months later — intending to share it with friends and family — the video went viral within a few days.

Now, 140 million views and 11 years later, David After Dentist is becoming the latest mid-2000s meme to go up for auction as an NFT.

“It kind of feels like 2009 all over again,” the elder DeVore said in an interview with The Verge. “NFTs are like the wild west right now, it’s like back when we went viral and social media was in its infancy.” The auction for the David NFT…

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