Veritone’s Marvel.AI platform will let celebrities and influencers create AI copies of their voices. | Image: Veritone

Recording advertisements and product endorsements can be lucrative work for celebrities and influencers. But is it too much like hard work? That’s what US firm Veritone is betting. Today, the company is launching a new platform called Marvel.AI that will let creators, media figures, and others generate deepfake clones of their voice to license as they wish.

“People want to do these deals but they don’t have enough time to go into a studio and produce the content,” Veritone president Ryan Steelberg tells The Verge. “Digital influencers, athletes, celebrities, and actors: this is a huge asset that’s part of their brand.”

With Marvel.AI, he says, anyone can create a realistic copy of their voice and deploy it as they see fit. While…

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