VAN HORN, TEXAS – JULY 20: Jeff Bezos walks near Blue Origin’s New Shepard after flying into space on July 20, 2021 in Van Horn, Texas. Mr. Bezos and the crew that flew with him were the first human spaceflight for the company. | Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After Jeff Bezos’ brief escape from Earth yesterday, the founder of retail giant Amazon had an idea. “We need to take all heavy industry, all polluting industry, and move it into space and keep Earth as this beautiful gem of a planet that it is,” he said in an interview with NBC News. “That’s going to take decades to achieve, but you have to start. And big things start with small steps.”

Long before rich, white men were catapulting themselves into space, they approached whatever was the “frontier” at the time with dollar signs in their eyes and destruction in their wake

Big things do start with small steps, but this particular idea is a big step backward. Jetting up to space to manufacture stuff in zero gravity is a logistical nightmare…

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