The Icepop is compatible with the G Pro X Wireless, the G Pro X, G Pro, and Astro A40. | Image: Logitech

Not content with cornering the market with its USB microphones, the latest product from Logitech-owned Blue is a detachable mic called the Icepop. It’s a $49.99 upgrade that can replace the default mics included with Logitech’s G Pro X Wireless gaming headset, the G Pro X, the G Pro, as well as Astro’s A40 headsets.

Logitech is promising that the Icepop will deliver enhanced “broadcast-quality” performance with its 10mm electret condenser mic. It has a built-in pop filter that aims to eliminate those hard “b” or “p” sounds that can be a giveaway that you’re using a lesser mic, and its unidirectional cardioid pickup is said to eliminate background noise and focus more on your voice.

Installing the Icepop is as simple as plugging it into…

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