Pictured: probably not the future CEO of Twitter. | Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Jack Dorsey is trying to squash rumors that he’ll be reinstated as Twitter’s CEO once Elon Musk takes charge. On Wednesday he tweeted “nah I’ll never be CEO again” in response to someone predicting he would be returning to lead the company he co-founded, before going on to say that he doesn’t want the role.

In another response, Dorsey says that “no one ultimately” should be Twitter’s CEO, perhaps referring to Bluesky, a project meant to turn Twitter into a decentralized protocol, rather than a traditional social network.

Dorsey has a contentious history with the leadership role at Twitter. The company’s board fired him from his role as CEO in 2008, just two years after he helped start the company (though he stayed on the…

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