Image: Hasbro

Optimus Prime is officially a Lego set, and not just in statue form — with 19 points of articulation, the Danish brickmaker has created a 1,508-piece Optimus Prime G1 action figure you can actually transform.

OK, yes, you’ll still need to do that conversion yourself — it’s no walking, talking robot like the $750 self-transforming Optimus Prime we played with last year. But for $169.99 this June 1st, the Lego version is a lot more affordable and doesn’t require electricity just to stand.

Image: Hasbro

Speaking of which, Optimus stands 13.5 inches tall, then folds down into a 27-inch long semi truck — and comes with instructions and pieces to build his ion blaster, translucent orange Energon axe, jetpack, an Energon…

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