Image: LG

One of the boldest product announcements at CES 2022 was LG’s DualUp monitor, which is now available for $699. That’s pricey but somehow less expensive than some of us were expecting it to cost.

Instead of doubling the width of a monitor, as most display makers have tried already, LG’s DualUp effectively stacks two 21.5-inch QHD monitors on top of each other, totaling 27.6 inches measured diagonally (2560 x 2880) with a 16:18 aspect ratio. The design is jarring at first, but it could be the tall order that content creators and productivity sickos have been waiting for.

The DualUp houses LG’s Nano IPS panel, and it supports HDR and covers 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut. In terms of ports, the DualUp includes two HDMI ports, one…

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