The Ioniq 6. | Image: Hyundai

Hyundai is offering an early look at its upcoming all-electric sedan, the Ioniq 6. It comes as Bloomberg reports that the company’s EV market share is quietly surging in Europe and the US, causing even Tesla’s Elon Musk to take notice.

If last year’s all-electric Ioniq 5 crossover SUV took inspiration from 70s designs, then Top Gear says that the 6 draws inspiration from streamlined vehicles from the 20s and 30s like the Stout Scarab. If you liked the look of Hyundai’s Prophecy concept car from 2020, then the Ioniq 6 is the vehicle it’s morphed into.

The South Korean automaker is focused on showing off the design of the Ioniq 6 rather than its technical specifications for now, so there are no firm details on its battery size or range….

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