This is the version I bought, and I love them so freakin’ much. | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

One truth about me as a runner is that I need my jams. No jams, no run. I have meticulously curated playlists where the bass drops are strategically timed to gas me up when I lose steam. Aside from my sneakers, my earbuds are the most important piece of running tech I own. And yet, my decade-long search for the perfect pair only just ended a few weeks ago.

Behold, the beautiful, purplicious Beats Fit Pro.

To understand why I’m gaga for these buds, you need to know about the headphones that didn’t make the cut. (Don’t worry, I’ll stick to the highlights and spare you a Dickensian-length novel recounting the dozens of earbuds that have failed me in my 10-year running journey.)

Earbuds with superior sound — like the Bose SoundSport — are…

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