The word “aquamorphic” was used more than once.

There’s nothing minimalist about the scene at OnePlus’ 10T launch event, and at a venue called Gotham Hall, how could it be? The ceiling and walls are lit up in bright red, and the audience is blanketed in a blue glow. There’s also a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling giving real The Phantom of the Opera vibes.

OnePlus hasn’t left much to the imagination leading up to its launch event. For one, a couple of 10Ts are embedded in the wall where attendees walk in, so the jig is up. As it tends to, OnePlus has also dripped out specs ahead of time, from the chipset to the controversial missing alert slider. It’s a color-by-numbers picture of the phone with almost every bit shaded in except for one key spec: the price.

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