Late Friday night, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed legislation making the state the first in the nation to pass extreme abortion restrictions since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Earlier, the Indiana senate approved the near-total ban on a 28-19 vote just hours after the House passed it in a 62-38 vote.

Before the Governor signed the bill, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Mini Timmaraju released the following statement in response:

“The extremist lawmakers who forced this bill through a special session clearly could not care less about what their constituents want or need. It’s appalling that they’re going to these lengths to block people from accessing abortion care, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Governor Holcomb has a chance to veto this legislation and protect reproductive freedom for millions of Hoosiers—he should take it. NARAL Pro-Choice America and our over 63,000 members in the state will be watching.”

The ban, which takes effect Sept. 15, includes some exceptions. Abortions would be permitted in cases of rape and incest, before 10-weeks post-fertilization; to protect the life and physical health of the mother; and if a fetus is diagnosed with a lethal anomaly.

Under the bill, abortions can be performed only in hospitals or outpatient centers owned by hospitals, meaning all abortion clinics would lose their licenses. A doctor who performs an ‘illegal’ abortion or fails to file required reports would lose their medical license.

“We are backsliding on democracy,” said Democratic Sen. Jean Breaux of Indianapolis. “What other freedoms, what other liberties are on the chopping block, waiting to be stripped away?”

Outside the chambers, activists loudly chanted over lawmakers’ remarks, carrying signs like “Roe roe roe your vote” and “Build this wall” between church and state.

Dark day for Indiana. Over 400K women live in “contraceptive deserts.” Comprehensive sex ed in schools is not required. The law contravenes true religious liberty. Tragic for Hoosier women.

Indiana adopts near-total abortion ban as governor signs SB 1

— Brian Steensland (@BrianSteensland) August 6, 2022

Indiana’s near-total abortion ban is officially law

Women will be forced to carry DEAD FETUSES to term

We now have fewer rights than non-viable fetuses

Do not mince words. These freaks don’t deserve the veneer of respectability

ChristoFascism is a cancer & it’s metastasizing

— Lindy Li (@lindyli) August 6, 2022

BREAKING: Indiana lawmakers have passed a complete ban on abortion with few exceptions, making it the first ban on abortion to be passed after the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This ban will have life-altering consequences and serious health risks for people in Indiana.

— ACLU (@ACLU) August 6, 2022

Protest now at Indiana Statehouse aimed at trying to stop Gov Holcomb and lawmakers from passing abortion restrictions next month during special
legislative session.

— Eric Weddle (@ericweddle) June 25, 2022

Massive protest at the #Indiana Senate, where the #Republican #Supermajority is prepared to pass an all-out #abortion ban.#BansOffOurBodies #VoteThemOut#FireToddYoung #inlegis

— Thomas McDermott (@tommcdermottjr) July 30, 2022


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