Was the infamous event an insurrection or fed-surrection?

Truth In Media‘s Lara Logan released part three of a documentary-style series investigating suspected January 6th provocateur Ray Epps and other potential federal informants or agents.

In this video, Logan spoke with Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit about some of Epps’ actions that day and how other participants were handed harsh prison sentences compared to the slap on the wrist Epps is facing.

When Ray Epps urged people to trespass inside the Capitol, he knew it was a crime because he had an outstanding warrant for criminal trespass in Pennsylvania from 2015.

He wasn’t the only one removed from the FBI suspects list – so what really happened on J6? pic.twitter.com/oIbaklzqh5

— Truth In Media (@Truth_InMedia) November 20, 2023

The investigation also looked into violence committed by Capitol Police officers and other individuals who may have been provocateurs in the crowd.

Footage captured by an undercover officer’s bodycam was also aired in the special.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the Truth In Media series.

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