Singer says she won’t endorse Biden over funding of foreign wars, while NYC budget cuts leave city languishing in own filth.

Rapper Cardi B is regretting her endorsement of President Joe Biden.

In an expletive-laden rant over the weekend, Cardi B (AKA Belcalis Almanzar) complained about Joe Biden’s commitment to fund wars in the Middle East, while a $120 million budget cut in New York City curtails spending on education, police and sanitation.

“Everybody be like ‘New York is dirty,’ and it is dirty, and we’re going to get even dirtier with the f—–g budget cut,” the “WAP” singer said, taking exception with reduced spending on cleaning NYC’s streets.

“Crimes are gonna go through the roof because there is a police safety budget cut and on top of that there’s a sanitation f—— budget cut so that means we’re gonna be drowning in rats,” Cardi stated on Instagram Live.

“New York is already f—ing super dirty… We’re gonna be drowning in rats,” she said, adding, “Rats and squirrels and raccoons.”

The WAP singer questioned how the budget cuts could happen when the federal government has enough money to fund foreign wars, noting she won’t be endorsing Joe Biden this time around.

I got it 7 years ago.

Cardi B is getting it now.

Michael Rapaport is getting it now.

You get it when you get it.

Get it now.

— Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) November 20, 2023

“Don’t fucking ask me, I don’t give a fuck the resumé that they send, I don’t give a fuck. I’m not endorsing no fucking presidents no more.”

“Yeah, Joe Biden’s talking about like, ‘Yeah, we could fund two wars. We could fund two wars.’ Motherfuckers talking about we don’t got it, but we got it. We’re the greatest nation. No the fuck we’re not, we’re going through some shit right now.”

“We really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really are fucked right now,” she added.

Cardi also appeared to say speaking her mind on the subject could cost her life, warning viewers: “I need you to spread this fucking video, I need you to spread this video and if something happens to me it’s because I’m speaking truth. So God forbid something happens to me or my family or some shit, it’s because niggas is after me because I’m speaking the truth.”

Cardi famously endorsed Biden in 2020 saying she wanted a “president who makes me feel secure.”

The rap artist’s reversal on Democrats comes as TDS-suffering, B-list actor Michael Rapaport on Friday also told social media he would be voting for Donald Trump over Biden due to the latter’s poor performance on the economy and more.

Michael Rapaport now says he may vote for Donald J. Trump.

After all of the BS this guy has said about Trump, even he knows we are heading for a cliff.

*Graphic Language*

— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) November 17, 2023

Could celebrities abandoning the Democratic Party influence voters in 2024 and potentially lead to Trump’s return to office?


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