Anonymous man replicates stunt conducted by Infowars host Alex Jones over two decades ago!

A man filmed himself covertly infiltrating the secretive elite all-men’s retreat deep in California’s redwood forest known as the Bohemian Grove, replicating a stunt conducted by Infowars host Alex Jones over two decades ago.

The video posted to YouTube last week shows how the man bypassed security by arriving on Grove property via a nearby waterway using a kayak.

“The plan is to infiltrate the site and see what’s going on,” the unidentified man tells viewers before embarking on his mission, adding, “I want to see the owl statue.”

This guy just snuck into the Bohemian Grove a few days ago and posted it on YouTube. Here he is looking at the creepy Owl statue where the elites conduct their Moloch ritual.

— Champagne Joshi (@JoshWalkos) December 6, 2023

The Bohemian Grove is a secretive annual all-male invitation-only meeting where top politicians and businessmen hobnob with movie stars and musicians well out of the public eye.

Under the motto, “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” members are explicitly instructed not to disclose any occurrences within the club.

“Alex Jones, he like snuck into the site a really long time ago. He snuck like a camera into the Grove,” the man acknowledges, cutting to footage from Jones’ documentary, “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove,” where the Infowars radio host captured hidden camera footage of a bizarre pagan ritual performed in front of an owl statue practiced by its members, known as the Cremation of Care.

Once on the grounds, the man explores various elaborate recreational and kitchen facilities on the property, before heading to the site of the Cremation of Care ritual, where he discovers the infamous owl statue is hollow.

Following his infiltration, the man successfully manages to get back to his kayak and off of Grove property.

Hopefully the man’s identity remains a secret and he faces no repercussions for his citizen journalism conducted in the public’s interest.

Watch the full video below:

Here’s Alex Jones confronting Bohemian Grove member David Gergen in 2000 following the Infowars host’s own successful infiltration:

In 2000 Alex Jones uncovered the elites secret rituals of Moloch at Bohemian Grove where the most powerful figures in the world gather every summer. Mike Hanson, author of Bohemian Grove knows about the wicked & terrible rituals & other unspeakable things that go on at the Grove.

— Lion of Judah (@LibertyMutual8) April 2, 2023

Watch Alex Jones’ documentary “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove” to see his infiltration of the elite all-men’s club, and the documentation of the Cremation of Care ceremony for the first time ever:

Watch — Alex Jones recalls how he snuck into Bohemian Grove:


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