How convenient for the global establishment hellbent on getting humans off animal-based diets

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, senior Biden administration officials are “monitoring” the bird flu outbreak that recently resulted in a human being infected after eating beef from an infected cow.

Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden is “monitoring” the H5N1 bird flu outbreak

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 3, 2024

HHS and the USDA are keeping White House advisors in the loop regarding the outbreak, which could allegedly become the next pandemic akin to Covid-19.

“The White House is on red alert for bird flu after health officials revealed a Texan dairy farmer caught a deadly bird flu strain from a cow…Officials are now receiving regular updates from HHS and USDA.

Ashish Jha, who led the Biden administration’s Covid-19 response,…

— Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) April 3, 2024

On Tuesday, the nation’s largest chicken egg producer said it temporarily halted production at a Texas plant due to chickens coming down with Bird Flu.

The Texas plant was forced to cull almost 2 million hens thanks to the outbreak.

Major Egg Producer Detects Bird Flu, Must Kill Nearly 2 Million Chickens

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) April 3, 2024

An egg facility in Michigan was also reportedly hit with a Bird Flu outbreak this week.

So far, Texas, Kansas, Idaho, Ohio and Michigan are the only states Infowars can report have confirmed outbreaks in cattle.

Dairy cows in Ohio have tested positive for H5N1 bird flu, making it the 6th state to report cases.

The dairy operation received cows from a Texas dairy where bird flu was later confirmed.

— BNO News (@BNOFeed) April 3, 2024

If the outbreak spreads out of control, it will be a suspiciously convenient event for the global elite who want humans to consume less animal-based food and instead “Eat Ze Bugs.”

Companies are now using insect protein. You will eat the bugs.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) April 1, 2024


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