Business manager digs himself into a hole after criticizing customers for negative online reviews

After apparently receiving some bad reviews online from customers, the manager of Huntington, West Virginia, chicken restaurant Crisppi’s posted a video online accusing his community of racism.

WATCH: Manager of WV chicken restaurant claims his sales aren’t good because he’s black

“We’re not the other color, which is unfortunate.”

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) April 3, 2024

The manager, only known as Kurt, went to Facebook to complain the business isn’t being supported or respected enough because “we’re not the other color.”

“If we were the other color, I’m sure there’d be a lot more respect and a lot more support,” he claimed.

“The entire community is filled with negativity. Being an African American company, this is what we deal with on a regular basis,” the manager said.

Kurt accused naysayers complaining about legitimate frustrations, such as the company being cashless and having a high employee turnover rate, of being “negative” and racist.

The manager tried to walk back his comments following backlash, issuing another video where he claimed he didn’t mean white people when he said, “there’d be a lot more respect and a lot more support,” for the restaurant if the owners “were the other color.”

In trying to clarify his stance, Kurt explained he thinks the company would be doing better if they were ANY ethnicity other than black, saying they’d be accepted if they were “Chinese, Pakistanian, Indian, White, etc., etc.”

Next, Kurt was invited to join the Talk Huntington podcast hosted by David “Alligator Jackson” Williams to elaborate on the drama.

Alligator Jackson also allowed the manager to address some of the complaints made by customers such as the restaurant not serving ketchup.

During the interview, Kurt went on to attack his black peers in addition to the “other color” people of Huntington, saying, “The African American community, we are known to tear each other down. The Chinese is not known for it, the Europeans. Nobody else is known for it… Now, I can take my peace that we’ve been disrespected since we’ve been here within our own community, our own race.”

Now, after playing the victim card, the restaurant is gaining even more negative attention after appearing to attack everyone in its community who has ever been critical of the eatery.


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