Police claim Dazhon Darien used AI-generated deepfake audio to falsely accuse his school’s principal of uttering slurs about black and Jewish people.

An athletic director at a Baltimore high school was arrested this week after police claimed he used AI-generated deepfake audio to falsely accuse his school’s principal of uttering slurs about black and Jewish people.

The Baltimore County Police Department reported on Thursday they arrested Dazhon Darien, 31, who worked as an athletic director at Pikesville High School.

Darien was accused of creating audio depicting a “leaked recording” that surfaced in January where Pikesville High School principal Eric Eiswert appeared to deride black and Jewish students and staff members.

Here’s what the fake audio stated, according to Fox Baltimore:

“I seriously don’t understand why I have to constantly put up with these dumb***** here every day,” the speaker says in the recording. “Between these ungrateful black kids who can’t test their way out of a paper bag or these teachers who don’t get it. How hard is it to get these students to meet their grade level expectations?”

The derogatory comments then turn from students to staff members, as the speaker identifies two employees who “should have never been hired.” The speaker then names a third employee, saying, “I’m going to drag his black a** out of here one way or another.”

In the final seconds of the recording, the conversation turns to the community.

“And if I have to get one more complaint from one more Jew in this community, I’m going to join the other side,” the voice in the recording says.

“Based on an extensive investigation, detectives now have conclusive evidence the recording was not authentic,” the Baltimore County Police Department wrote in a press release, adding they’d contacted the FBI for a forensic analysis.

Eiswert denied the audio’s authenticity at the time, with county investigators also initially suspecting it to be fake.

“It’s believed Mr. Darien… made the recording to retaliate against Mr. Eiswert who at the time was pursuing an investigation into the potential mishandling of school funds,” police wrote.

“Mr. Darien now faces several charges including theft, stalking, disruption of school operations, and retaliation against a witness. Following a court appearance this afternoon, Mr. Darien was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond.”

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