15-year-old Mathis Marchais was fatally stabbed by a teenage Afghan migrant

15-year-old Mathis Marchais was stabbed to death in Châteauroux, France by a teenage Afghan migrant who was already known to French police for a series of violent knife crimes.

The attack took place on Saturday afternoon. Mathis was stabbed four times in the throat in the Saint-Denis area of the city and pronounced dead at the hospital a short time after arrival.

At present, the motivation for the attack is unclear, but the perpetrator had already been arrested multiple times for a spate of violent of knife robberies. He had been released from custody for one of these robberies less than a week before he killed Mathis.

It has been reported that the suspect’s mother is also in custody. It is believed she may have played some role in her son’s criminality.

Migrant violence has been a constant fixture in French news in recent months. In March, a Palestinian migrant stabbed a man in the face because his baby wouldn’t stop crying, and an African migrant was arrested for beating and robbing 17 elderly women.

And in January a homeless French man was hailed as a hero when he intervened to prevent a Nigerian illegal immigrant from raping a female jogger in a park. It was revealed that the Nigerian man was subject to five court orders for his deportation at the time of the attack. In court, the Nigerian man admitted he intended to murder the woman.

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