Meet the new boss, same as the old boss – at least if Scotland elects Anas Sarwar after resignation of Humza Yousaf.

Anti-white Scottish First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Humza Yousaf’s replacement may end up being just as anti-white as he is, as Anas Sarwar, the leader of the Labour Party, who is more popular than Yousaf, has called for new elections.

STV News reported that although the prospects of Sarwar becoming First Minister are unlikely, the odds become more likely if a Scottish Parliament election is held.

In a shockingly similar speech to that given by Yousaf, Sarwar angrily listed how many jobs in Scotland are filled by white people while speaking in front of the Scottish parliament in 2023.

After Scotland’s First Leader Humza Yousaf announced his resignation today, his replacement could be even worse.

Anas Sarwar, the leader of the Labour Party, has been rising in the polls and should a snap election be called may have a chance of winning.

Sarwar previously…

— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) April 29, 2024

Yousaf announced is resignation following an imminent no-confidence vote due to ending a power sharing agreement between parties.

Yousaf had previously gone viral in 2020 for belittling members of the Scottish government for being white.


Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf resigns.

He is best known for this speech he gave in which complained about a lack of diversity among people with top jobs, but ignored that 97% of the country’s population consists of ethnic Scots


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Both Sarwar and Yousaf were born in Scotland to Pakistani Muslim parents.

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