‘I am angry because I had to get the JAB in order to travel to keep my JOB,’ says model and entrepreneur Florencia Tarque.

A 29-year-old influencer slammed the Covid-19 jab on social media after cardiologists reportedly blamed the shot for causing her heart attack.

In a Facebook post last week, model and entrepreneur Florencia Tarque reported doctors had determined a recent heart attack was most likely due to the shot.

“Update: MRI ON APRIL 23, 2024 CONFIRMED HEART ATTACK AT 29,” Tarque wrote in a Facebook update last week, alongside a photo showing a bruise on her arm from a recent angiogram procedure.

“ATTN: Cardiologists are now saying my heart problem is more than likely a result of the COVID vaccine ,” she added.

“I have myopericarditis,” Tarque detailed, after she was rushed to the hospital last week, where 3 EKG electrocardiograms indicated a heart attack.

An angiogram, however, “showed no blockage or coronary problem the day I had my heart attack.”

Tarque went on to explain she’s a healthy athlete, and expressed she’s “angry” she was mandated to take the jab in order to travel for her job.

“I am feeling better now…But I am ANGRY,” she wrote. “I am angry because i had to get the JAB in order to travel to keep my JOB.”

“I’m angry because tons of 20 something year old athletes now have heart problems.”

Infowars has extensively reported on the spate of healthy athletes suddenly falling ill or dying following the Covid jab rollout, and we’ve interviewed countless doctors who’ve investigated and now warn about the shots.

We also showed in July 2021 how “myocarditis” and “pericarditis” (as well as “deaths”) were listed as known “possible adverse events” in a slide accidentally displayed during an FDA discussion regarding Covid vaccines held in Oct. 2020.

The young influencer’s severe adverse event should serve as a cautionary tale to others considering taking the jab.

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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