“We don’t do that here,” the plenary’s liberal chair reprimanded Jorge Buxadé.

The European Parliament has once again made it clear whether it stands on the side of globalist powers or the European people. 

MEP Jorge Buxadé Villalba, head of the Spanish VOX delegation and co-chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group, was silenced during Wednesday’s plenary session in Strasbourg for criticizing, in a creative way, the EU’s green transition and the UN’s “Agenda 2030,” the global action plan involving 17 “sustainable development goals” to be implemented by the end of the decade.

The plenary debate in question was titled “The attack on climate and nature: far-right and conservative attempts to destroy the Green Deal and prevent investment in our future”—a “meme” in itself, as Buxadé remarked after taking the floor.

The MEP promised that VOX and the other conservative parties will work toward repealing the EU’s Green Deal as well as fighting against the “diabolical Agenda 2030,” which is nothing but “a plan of mass layoffs against workers, the middle classes, and European companies.” 

Then he produced two sheets of paper depicting the logos of the Green Deal and the Agenda 2030, before screwing up both documents. 

It was then when the chair of the session, the German MEP Jan-Cristoph Oetjen from the liberal Renew group arbitrarily decided to cut Buxadé’s microphone despite there being no apparent reason for it in the parliamentary protocol. 

“This is not the way we proceed here,” Oetjen said, asking Buxadé to leave the stand.

Nonetheless, the conservative MEP could still be heard as he finished the speech: “… we’ll make precious recycled paper from the Green Pact and the Agenda 2030.”

🔴 #URGENTE | El Parlamento Europeo corta la palabra a @Jorgebuxade por “romper” con la agenda globalista.

✅💪🏻: «Por supuesto que vamos a derogar su Pacto Verde, y por supuesto que vamos a borrar de la historia su diabólica Agenda 2030».

🤡: «Así no es cómo procedemos aquí». pic.twitter.com/k4CjDjHuVE

— VOX Europa (@VOX_Europa_) April 24, 2024

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