“They are no longer conservatives, dear friends. They are leftists who call themselves conservatives. They are the ones sacrificing our traditional values for the health of international cooperation and globalism. Shame on them.”

Austrian MEP Harald Vilimsky, while speaking at CPAC Hungary, said that conservatives were fighting to ensure their homelands remain European and do not become “a second Arabia or Africa.”

“I have the honor to speak before an audience of political friends from all over Europe and the United States. And our common goal is to protect our countries, to protect the Western world from illegal migration and organized abuse of asylum so that Europe does not become a second Arabia or Africa,” said Vilimsky. “We do not want the name Mohammed to become the most popular name for male newborns in our great countries, as is the case in Brussels, where the EU parliament is located.”

During his speech, he praised Hungary and Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán, which he said was working to fight against mass immigration.

“In Hungary, this problem does not exist, because Hungary has a prime minister who truly cares about the Hungarian people,” said MEP Vilimsky, who belongs to the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), known for its anti-immigration stance and which currently sits at the top of the polls in the run-up to national elections. 

Vilimsky used his speech to mock the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), which is ruling the country in a coalition with the Green party, as well as RINOs in the United States.

“Many parts of the political world have gone nuts. In my homeland, for example, where conservatives rule, you can choose — and Austria is run by a conservative chancellor (Karl Nehammer) — you can choose from six genders in Austria. Not only male and female, but also ‘diverse,’ inter, open and not specified. This is Austria, ruled by a so-called ‘conservative’ chancellor. They are no longer conservatives, dear friends. 

And our friends in the United States have a good and clear term for them, RINOs, Republicans in name only. These new leftists call themselves conservatives, but they are not. They are the destroyers of our cultural heritage. They are the ones sacrificing our traditional values for the health of international cooperation and globalism, shame on them.”

FPÖ has relentlessly attacked the ruling OVP in the past over the party’s inability to control the border crisis, with the FPÖ promoting “Fortress Europe” as a solution to the ongoing immigration crisis.

Vilimsky said that the one thing that should be uniting all patriotic and conservative parties in Europe is to save the homelands, cities, and peoples that call Europe home.

“What defines us patriotic and conservative parties in Europe, as far as I understand it, is to maintain and preserve the diversity of our continent. Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Prague, Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, and all the other wonderful citizen-created cultures of our continent. These must be preserved and maintained,” said the Austrian politician.

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He then provided figures detailing the massive immigration crisis facing Europe, noting that the EU has processed over 7.8 million asylum applications since 2014. Only a quarter of these applications met the criteria of the Geneva Convention, while others were allowed for humanitarian reasons. 

“But the majority of the applications are instantly rejected. With these millions of people from Africa and Arabia, terrorism also came to Europe. Let us remember what happened in France, the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the assault at the Bataclan theater, the many beheadings and life attacks we had in France. We saw at the Brussels Airport where over 30 victims lost their lives. We had the rifle attack in Strasbourg at the Christmas market. We had a lot of problems also in my home country, Austria, and especially in Vienna.

And our freedom is taken under the pretext of combating terrorism. And how evil is that? First you let terrorists into Europe, and then you take away the freedoms of citizens and create mass surveillance just to protect yourself from terrorists? No, our goals are clear. We want Hungary to remain Hungary, Austria to remain Austria, Italy to remain Italy, Spain to remain Spain — every country in Europe to retain its wonderful character. Our fight is against illegal migration and misuse of asylum rights. And our commitment is to Europe’s Christian Western heritage.”

During his speech, he also described the assembled conservative and right-wing parties at CPAC as “an alliance of peace.”

“We do not want the war between the Russians and Ukraine to continue. We want an end to the dying. We actively advocate for a ceasefire and peace talks. We want cooperation in Europe that focuses on the original goals of peace, freedom and prosperity,” said Vilimsky.

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