The campus protests were planned months in advance with veteran activists including Black Panther members

Radical left activist groups trained students for months in advance before they launched the wave of campus protests that have dominated the news over the last week.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the organizers of the Gaza encampment met with members of Students for Justice in Palestine and other activist groups in preparation for the campus protests. Former members of the Black Panthers were also drafted in to advise the organizers on how to manage internal disputes.

“We took notes from our elders, engaged in dialogue with them, and analyzed how the university responded to previous protests,” one of the organizers of the Columbia protest told the Journal.

Organizers at Columbia also attended a training session hosted by Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network. The session was called “Resistance 101,” with the aim of helping protestors “build an internationally popular cradle to the resistance.

At UCLA, protestors were trained in “de-escalation tactics” so they could handle counter-protests.  

BLM activist and self-described communist Sean Blackmon delivers an anti-police speech to student protesters.

“The police, as an institution, in the United States, emerges out of Slavery.

That the police exist ultimately to protect capital and the capitalist ruling class.”

— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) April 27, 2024

Last Sunday, The New York Post reported that George Soros and Soros-backed groups had funnelled large amounts of cash to activist groups like the Students for Justice in Palestine, whose nationwide chapters have been coordinating the campus protests.

The New York Police Department has also claimed that significant numbers of protestors at universities in New York are not affiliated with the universities in any way. On Thursday, the Police Department released arrest figures that showed 29% of all arrestees at Columbia were not students or members of the university, a figure which rose to 60% for arrestees at City College of New York.

Deputy Police Commissioner Kaz Daughtry voiced his opinion that the protests are being directed and funded from outside.

“There is somebody funding this. There is somebody radicalizing our students,” the deputy commissioner said.

New York Mayor Eric Adams has said that “outside agitators” are coordinating and pushing the protests into violence.

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