A majority of Germans now believe that Germans may soon become a minority in their own country

Over half of all Germans believe they are being replaced by immigrants in their own country, and a majority want Islamic immigration to the country to end.

According to a new poll by the Nius media group, 57% of Germans surveyed said they were “afraid that Germans will become a minority in Germany.” By contrast, 37% said they were not afraid of this happening.

Nearly half, 45%, said that they believed Germans were deliberately being replaced with immigrants. The German Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies this belief, often referred to as “the Great Replacement,” as a “right-wing extremist” belief. 41% of respondents disagreed.


Hundreds of Islamists are demonstrating in Hamburg, Germany.

They are demanding that a caliphate is established in the country.

The organization behind the protest is called Muslim Interaktiv, and is monitored by the authorities but not banned pic.twitter.com/RISFYJEKAY

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) April 27, 2024

A majority also said agreed that already “in certain areas of my town or village, I have the feeling that I am no longer in Germany.”

Significant majorities accepted that there is “racism against whites” in Germany and that integration of immigrants had failed.

When the survey looked at responses to the issue of immigration, 52% said that they agreed with the statement, “Germany should generally no longer accept refugees from Islamic countries.” Only 34% expressed disagreement with this statement.

The survey is further evidence that the attitudes of ordinary Germans are hardening when it comes to immigration. Recent polls showed that the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) is now the most popular political party among the nation’s youth, and the second most popular party in the country as a whole. There have been calls from politicians and the state security services for the party to be banned.

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