A single mother with only one spare bedroom took in an entire Chilean family — so liberal!

The city of Denver is encouraging residents to take in destitute illegal aliens and has even set up a hotline for people who want to volunteer to house them.

A charity called Hope Has No Borders “began pairing migrant workers and their families with hosts in Colorado in late 2023. Now, with help from the United Way, getting paired up is a simple phone call away by dialing 211,” Fox31 Denver reported Saturday.

But instead of well-off limousine liberals taking them in, the burden has fallen to struggling families.

The report details how Erin Lennon, “a single mom with a spare bedroom”, gladly took in a family of four Chilean illegals after noticing them camping out in airports and on the streets because all the shelters are over capacity.

Lennon’s young son “was nervous at first about the idea of taking in strangers,” but she claimed, “Some of the greatest things that, you know, that you do or have done, has been involved with some risk.”

This illegal alien housing initiative has been rolled out in several blue cities nationwide.

For example, because of Massachusetts’ “right to shelter” laws, homeless illegals began taking residence in the Boston Airport, leading Governor Maura Healey (D) to ask citizens to take them into their homes.

One Boston liberal took in a Haitian migrant family and delighted in the fact that they provide cooking services for her.

“This is great! It’s like having your own personal chef!” she told NBC10 Boston in February.

And under Michigan’s “Newcomer Renter Subsidy” program, “eligible” households can receive up to $500 every month in taxpayer money to house illegal alien “newcomers.”

Denver began begging residents to take in illegals earlier this year as the sanctuary city enacted budget cuts in wake of the influx of 40,000 illegals, costing taxpayers $180 million.

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