“If you don’t want these types of accidents to occur, stay in your countries!”

As the hordes of foreigners continue to make their way to Biden’s America, mayhem and tragedy befall many of them while they are still in Mexico.

Here are four recent examples.


In the state of Mexico, police discovered a group of over 200 abandoned non-Mexicans crowded into a storehouse, waiting to be taken to the U.S. border.

“In the storehouse 208 persons were located: 10 minors, 28 women and 170 men of Egypt, Cuba, India, Palestine, Nepal, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and the Dominican Republic,” Milenio reported.

Localizan a más de 200 migrantes en una bodega de San Vicente Chicoloapan #Edomex ahí permanecían mientras llegaban camiones para trasladarlos a la frontera.

Les dieron alimentos y bebidas, se espera en las próximas horas sean deportados a sus países de origen. pic.twitter.com/pi7LUUGwkq

— Daniel de Rosas (@danielderosastv) May 3, 2024


Even in Mexico, there are xenophobic people who don’t appreciate the benefits of diversity!

Tuxtla Gutierrez is a city in the state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala. Some residents don’t want foreign illegal aliens camping in their streets, according to Mexican media.

“Inhabitants of the Lomas de Venado neighborhood in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, request authorities to relocate the migrants, whom they say have been arriving and camping in the streets for weeks,” Milenio reported.


In the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, on the Panamerican Highway, three Salvadorans passing through Mexico never made it to the U.S. because they were hit by a truck.

“Three Salvadoran migrants died and another foreigner was wounded after being hit by a trailer of a double tractor-trailer….the presumably responsible driver of the accident escaped without helping the affected,” Milenio reported.

The article explains why more migrants are walking along the highway: “The impossibility of advancing in a bus on their way to the northern border of Mexico obliges thousands of migrants to walk on the edge of the highway, risking, as in this occasion, their life.”

The “impossibility” mentioned in the piece could refer to the crackdown on migrants in Mexico. But the fact that “thousands” are walking on the road shows plenty are still getting through.

🚨👮 Se registró un accidente en el que migrantes fallecen sobre la carretera a La Venta, a la altura del puente de Tolistoque. pic.twitter.com/pZ8WA6DeVs

— GPSnoticias (@GPS_noticias) April 27, 2024


In Nazareno, a town in the northern state of Durango, three Venezuelans fell off a train and died.

“Two Venezuelan migrant girls, 2 and 4 years of age, fell from a moving train and lost their lives in the community of Nazareno… while a young man of 18 years of age who also fell from the train car was taken to a hospital alive, but lost the battle upon receiving medical attention,” Milenio reported.

Just how exactly did this happen?

“According to early versions of what occurred, a group of migrants had gotten off the train to eat in this town located south of Lerdo. When they saw the train beginning to move a little they decided to board the train car. The parents of the girls struggled to board the train with the help of the young Venezuelan who was on top of the car. In a moment the train made an abrupt movement just when they were passing the girls up, which made them lose their balance and the three fell from a height of about six meters.”

Who can be blamed for this tragedy?

The Biden administration invited them.

Mexico allowed it.

The parents chose to make the trip.

In the words of a reader in the comments section: “If you don’t want these types of accidents to occur, stay in your countries!”

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