The Office of Melania Trump issued a brief statement confirming Barron would not be a delegate at the RNC

Barron Trump has declined Florida’s offer to serve as a delegate at the Republic National Convention, according to Melania Trump’s Office, which issued a statement on Friday.

“While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments,” the Office of Melania Trump said, in a brief statement that gave no further details of the “prior commitments.”

Barron was nominated on Wednesday as an at-large delegate to take part in the formal nomination of his father, Donald Trump, as the Republican presidential nominee. The Republican National Convention will take place from Monday 15 July to Thursday 18 July in Milwaukee.

Other members of the Trump family—Don Jr and his fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump and her husband Michael Boulos—will serve as delegates-at-large for Florida. Ivanka Trump, however, will not.

In an interview on Friday, former president Trump spoke at some length about Barron and his love of politics, without addressing the issue of whether he would serve as a delegate.

“He’s a great guy. He’s a little on the tall side, I will tell you. He’s a tall one,” Trump said in a radio interview with Kayal and Company.

“But he’s a good looking guy, and he’s really been a great student and he does like politics. It’s sort of funny, he’ll tell me sometimes, ‘Dad, this is what you have to do.’”

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