Cuomo recently claimed that none of his pandemic policies were mandatory

Former Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clark had choice words for Andrew Cuomo in an interview with Breanna Morello.

“This guy is bad news,” Clark said as he slammed Cuomo’s policy of sending infected COVID patients into nursing homes during the pandemic. He also detailed what he believes were potentially criminal attempts to mislead the government about the true human cost of the policy.

Clark and Morello were discussing the former New York State Governor in response to recent claims he made in an interview that none of his pandemic policies were mandatory, and that people were free simply to choose whether or not to obey.

“Government had no capacity to enforce any of this [mandates],” Cuomo said recently.

“You must wear a mask. People wore masks in New York. If they said ‘I’m not wearing a mask’ there was nothing I could do about it. You must close your private business. ‘I won’t’. There was nothing I could really do about it.”

“Everyone knows that Cuomo was one of the lockdown-mandaters-in-chief,” Clark said in the interview with Morello.

“Cuomo deserves sort of a special place in hell for what he did to elderly people,” says former DOJ official Jeff Clark (@JeffClarkUS).

Clark EXCLUSIVELY details his efforts to gain accountability for those killed in NY nursing homes during the pandemic.

This as Andrew Cuomo…

— Breanna Morello (@BreannaMorello) May 10, 2024

He told Morello how, during the pandemic, he sent a letter to the New York State Governor’s office, demanding answers about its policy of sending infected COVID patients into nursing homes, but received no response.

Clark believes the true intentions behind the policy and its effects were covered up at the time, and that this may have been illegal.

It was the “stupidest policy in the universe”, Clark said, and an obvious “death sentence” for the elderly, who were most vulnerable to the novel virus.

“We’ve got Cuomo lying in multiple dimensions. Lying that he never imposed a mandate, and then lying about the numbers of people who were sent to the nursing homes and what was the outcome of that, all because at some point they must have realised this was a public-health disaster.”

“The fact that he hasn’t been criminally charged is a disgrace to our justice system,” Morello responded.

In 2021, The Associated Press reported that more than 9,000 recovering COVID patients were sent into New York State’s nursing homes. The figure was more than 40% higher than a figure given by the state health department.

It’s still unclear how many elderly residents caught the virus or died as a result of this policy.

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