San Francisco’s “managed alcohol program” has doubled in size since 2020

The City of San Francisco is handing out shots of vodka, bottles of beer and glasses of wine to homeless alcoholics, as part of a $5m a year program.

As part of the city’s “managed alcohol program,” alcoholic drinks are served by nurses to homeless people. Patients are assessed and served the equivalent of 1-2 alcoholic drinks up to four times a day.

The aim of the program is to help alcoholics manage their addiction in a controlled manner.

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Not pictured: empty storefronts, smashed out windows, homeless addicts getting high in the

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The program has doubled in size since it was started in 2020. There are now 20 beds available in a disused hotel in the city’s Tenderloin District where alcoholics can go to imbibe at taxpayer expense.

The program has come in for strong criticism on social media, especially for its cost and for the fact that it seems to set no clear goals for individual patients to reduce their alcohol intake and eventually become sober.

“San Francisco’s managed alcohol program provides homeless alcoholics with housing, meals, activities (including crafts and outings to Giants games), and a quantity of alcoholic beverages determined by their “need and desire,” with no expectation of reducing consumption,” wrote Laura Powell, a lawyer, on Twitter.

“With a reported budget of $5 million for 20 beds (half set aside for Latinx or indigenous people), it would be cheaper to accommodate these people in all-inclusive resorts.”

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