The interior of virtually all modern cars releases toxic chemicals

The air in virtually all cars contains toxic chemicals linked to cancer, according to a new study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Researchers analysed the air in 101 electric, gas and hybrid cars made between 2015 and 2022, and found that 99% of the samples contained a flame retardant called TCIPP, which is being investigated as a potential carcinogen, and two others, TDCIPP and TCEP, which are already considered to be carcinogenic.

These chemicals are also considered to be endocrine-disruptors, meaning they interfere with the body’s natural hormone balance, and they are linked to neurological damage.

“Considering the average driver spends about an hour in the car every day, this is a significant public health issue,” said Rebecca Hoehn, lead researcher.

“It’s particularly concerning for drivers with longer commutes as well as child passengers, who breathe more air pound for pound than adults.”

Another effective way to detox from exposure to harmful endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as PFAS, is to donate blood, as this study of Aussie firefighters shows. Firefighters face chronic high-level exposure to chemicals like PFAS in fire retardants. 👇

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The new study found that levels of these chemicals were highest in hot weather, because the heat increases the amounts of chemicals released from materials within the car’s interior. The chemicals are believed to come mostly from foam in the seating, which is treated to reduce its flammability.

The researchers state that these chemicals actually serve little benefit.

One of the study authors, Lydia Jahl, recommends opening car windows to reduce exposure and also parking your car in the shade or in a garage.

“But what’s really needed is reducing the amount of flame retardants being added to cars in the first place. Commuting to work shouldn’t come with a cancer risk, and children shouldn’t breathe in chemicals that can harm their brains on their way to school,” she said

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