Former president drew over 100,000 people at his rally in Wildwood — more than double projected estimates.

New Jersey voters believe former President Donald Trump has a good chance of flipping the deep-blue state red despite his series of legal battles.

N.J. voters joined a panel on “Fox & Friends First” ahead of Trump’s MAGA rally in Wildwood on Saturday to discuss why they believe the former president has a shot to secure those electoral votes in November.

“It’s not having a negative impact, so if anything, it’s going in the opposite [direction] because they can’t believe that this is happening to a civilized nation,” resident Roy Paret told co-host Todd Piro on Friday.

“What’s happening with their trial is really what you would think would happen either in communism or a Third World country, so this, I say, is definitely helping.”

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“When he has free time, of course he has to stay local. He went to the bodegas in Harlem. He’s doing things in New York, and 100% this will help him, I feel, in multiple states, and it’s showing already,” he continued.

“And New Jersey, I agree, will turn red this time around as long as they can follow up on voter integrity [and] check out voter IDs. I feel New Jersey will be switching just like many other states out there.”

Trump held a massive rally in Wildwood where 100,000 people attended, more than double the projected estimates.

This is not a rock concert

This is not a sporting event

This is Donald Trump’s rally in New Jersey

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) May 11, 2024

By contrast, only 100 people showed up to Joe Biden’s little rally in Wisconsin last Wednesday.

Notably, Wildwood is located in N.J.’s 2nd congressional district, which is represented by Rep. Jeff Van Drew – a former Democrat who switched parties in 2019 and endorsed Trump.

Trump during the rally declared his campaign will “officially” make a play for New Jersey’s electoral college votes in November.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: As you can see today, we are expanding the electoral map—and the great state of New Jersey is officially IN-PLAY!

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 11, 2024


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