Ashley Biden confirmed the authenticity of the diary in an emotional letter

Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley has confirmed the authenticity of her diary in a letter to the judge presiding over the case of the woman accused of stealing it, which wrapped up last week.

In the letter, obtained by The New York Times, Ashley Biden makes clear that the diary was hers, referring to it as her “personal private journal.” She expresses her distress at the theft, and asks for the defendant, Aimee Harris, to be sentenced harshly.

“I write to ask Your Honor to sentence the defendant to time in prison,” Ashley Biden writes.

“The defendant’s actions constitute one of the most heinous forms of bullying, not to mention a complete violation of my privacy and personal dignity. After being the victim of a crime in my early twenties, I developed PTSD. The journal that was stolen was part of my efforts to heal.”

Ashley Biden attacks the motivation and character of Aimee Harris at length, as well as those who have tried to “distort” its contents.

She is referring, in particular, to passages that detail her father’s apparent sexual perversions.

At one point in the diary, Ashley Biden describes how she was “hyper-sexualized @ a young age.” “What is this due to?” she asks. “Was I molested? I think so.”

She goes on to describe taking “showers with my dad,” adding in parentheses “(probably not appropriate).”

In her letter to Judge Swain, Ashley Biden says that the point of the theft was “to be able to peddle grotesque lies by distorting my stream-of-consciousness thought,” and that the diary is being used to “lob false accusations that defame my character and those of the people I love.”

Aimee Harris was sentenced to a month in prison last Thursday. She pled guilty to a charge of conspiracy, admitting that she received $20,000 of a promised $40,000 from Project Veritas for the diary.

Although the FBI conducted searches at the residence of Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe, nobody from the organization has been charged in connection with the sale.

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