Coyotes escorting groups of illegals through 100-foot gap in Trump border barrier “all day, every day”

Illegal aliens continue to pour through a gap in the border barrier near Nogales, Arizona, in an area known as the ‘Mariposa Slab.’

This 100-foot aperture in the Trump border wall exists because crews were reportedly unable to connect two sections of fence before Joe Biden took office and immediately killed the project.

Group after group was led to the Mariposa Slab by a coyote who surveilled and photographed reporters from immigration news outlet Border Hawk before speeding off on a motorcycle.

“That coyote, he’ll probably come back and drop some more people off. All day, every day,” a local official told Border Hawk.

Roughly 60 illegal aliens made the crossing during the coverage. 

They gathered on a dirt road nearby where they were eventually greeted by Border Patrol, loaded into a van, and whisked away for processing.

Through the first half of Fiscal Year 2024, Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector was the busiest in the nation with more than 342,000 ‘encounters.’

Border Hawk and InfoWars have been covering the Biden border invasion extensively for years.

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