“Rare emergence of cicadas creating excitement among some dining circles, offering an opportunity to rethink…the eating of insects,” far-left outlet insists.

The left desperately wants you to eat the bugs.

Axios published an article Wednesday titled, “Cicada emergence creates some fine dining options,” claiming the rare emergence of cicada broods in the U.S. heartland this summer is “creating excitement in some dining circles.”

A rare emergence of cicadas is creating excitement among some dining circles, offering an opportunity to rethink entomophagy — the eating of insects. https://t.co/qKlMe1G9v6

— Axios (@axios) May 15, 2024

The article goes on to explain how the cicadas are generating buzz among leftists who are clamoring to feast on the insects.

Two regional broods of cicadas are emerging simultaneously for the first time in 221 years in parts of southern Iowa and central Illinois, an event that Ginny Mitchell, the program coordinator at Iowa State University’s Insect Zoo, plans to take advantage of.

“Mitchell, who eats bugs like ants or crickets regularly, plans to snack on cicadas for the first time this year and will collect them during a trip to Illinois next month. She’s considering air frying and making a special sauce for them,” Axios reported.

The insects were recently dubbed the ‘noisy lobsters of the trees‘ by the New York Times. Chefs and foragers are collecting them for dishes like cicada-stuffed pasta or kimchi. They have a ‘mild woody flavor,’ per the Times.”

The left’s obsession with persuading people to eat bugs stems from the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset framework which argues that eating insects helps fight “climate change” and is a more sustainable alternative to red meat.

Bill Gates also pushes for humanity to shift to bug-eating

Users on social media, however, roundly mocked Axios’ bug-eating propaganda.

No. Please stop trying to make this a thing.

— often uncommon 👊 (@oftenuncommon) May 15, 2024

Never going to happen

— Goose (@gosling1212) May 15, 2024

Maybe as an appetizer before my porterhouse.

— Highbrow Haze (@HighbrowHaze) May 15, 2024

this is the future libs want

— Tony (@tbenz1221) May 15, 2024

Just stop!!

— Wendy Kortepeter (@WKortepeter) May 15, 2024

Isn’t this the 1st thing that crosses your mind when you see cicadas?
“Hmm, yummy eats!” 😳😮😝

— Tracy (@NYTupelo7) May 15, 2024

Never gonna happen! Let Bill Gates eat bugs since he is so fond of them

— TryAndTakeIt (@TryandTakeIt) May 15, 2024

In typical gaslighting fashion, the media dismisses the globalists’ agenda to push eating insects as a “conspiracy theory” while simultaneously normalizing eating the bugs in articles like this Axios piece.

The Washington Post even called for the American people to start eating bugs in 2022 as a way to cope with skyrocketing prices brought on by inflation under Joe Biden.

“Consumers can already find foods like salted ants on Amazon and cricket powder protein bars in grocery stores!” the outlet noted.

Some major companies have also quietly added insects to their food products, such as “organic cricket flour.”

The WEF claimed bug-based diets are needed to control carbon emissions and to address exploding human population growth.

“The world’s population will reach 9.7 billion people by 2050. This means that despite only 4% of arable land remaining available on the surface of our planet an additional 2 billion more humans will have to be fed,” the WEF wrote in a 2021 article.

“In order to address this impending crisis, world experts and leaders will meet this autumn at the UN Food Summit and then the COP26. Often overlooked in these discussions is the potential role insects can play in helping meet this challenge.”

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