The New World Order is resorting to deadly measures against those standing up to their anti-human agenda

Irish Republican European MEP candidate Malachy Steenson was reportedly targeted by an assassin on Wednesday, just hours after someone shot Slovakia’s anti-globalist Prime Minister Robert Fico five times.


Malachy Steenson speaks after an attempted assassination at his office today.

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— MichaeloKeeffe (@Mick_O_Keeffe) May 15, 2024

“A guy arrived at my office banging on the door, threatening my young nephew, threatening to kill me,” Steenson said in a recent video.

The alleged assassin was stopped by police before he went to Steenson’s office, and they followed him out of suspicion after he made comments to them about intending to harm the political candidate.

Sure enough, the man showed up at Steenson’s office and the officers tailing him were able to arrest the guy before he did any harm.

“These are the threats that we face in this country for standing up for our people,” Steenson said. “Just like the Prime Minister in Slovakia was shot today because he opposed the European Union agenda. We are going to pay a heavy price in this country for what’s happened. This is the beginning. You have a chance to change it on June 7 by voting nationalist across the country.”

Last week, Rebel News reporter Ezra Levant talked with Steenson at a Dublin rally opposing illegal immigration.

WATCH: @EzraLevant interviews Irish Republican European MEP candidate, @MalachySteenson last week at the massive rally against illegal immigration in Dublin.

Just today Steenson had an assassination attempt by an Antifa thug who’s now in custody.

— Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) May 16, 2024

Populist leaders opposing globalism strike fear in the corrupt elite around the world, which is why there is a blatant coordinated attack on people like Donald Trump and other politicians who fight to dismantle the New World Order agenda.


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