Digital ID provisions are now appearing in legislative acts.

The Senate passed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization act May 9. Amongst its thousands of pages the bill includes wordage on page 1015 that approves the use of digital identification.

The push to digital methods of identifying people is not only limited to the FAA, as the Biden White House has also published a cybersecurity initiative that includes provisions for digital ID.

The push by the FAA to include digital ID as an acceptable form of information does not come as a surprise, as airports have been implementing various forms of biometric identification scanning systems.

The FAA bill is not clear as to if one form of a ‘mobile driver’s license’ is a photo of a driver’s license card on a mobile phone.

Instead, the bill goes right on to discuss the need for the federal agency to take part in celebrations surrounding the 125th anniversary of heavier-than-air flight by the Americans, over a century after Europeans mastered lighter-than-air flight.

The reason as to why the arbitrary amount of 125 years, or a ‘quasquicentennial’ of airplane-specific aviation is notable to celebrate is not given, rather, it is just the ‘sense of congress’. No mention of celebrating airship, helicopter or drone anniversaries are given.

It has recently been reported that the EU and Australia are also working on a digital ID while the UN is already using a digital ID system within illegal alien camps in the third world to dispense food and a private cryptocurrency based on a digital ID is being dispensed to people globally.

The FAA bill garnered support from both sides of the isle and passed with a 88 to 4 majority in the Senate, after passing the House with a 351 to 69 majority last year.

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