Microsoft’s Project Volterra device. | Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is working on native Arm64 versions of Visual Studio 2022 and VS Code. A preview version of an Arm native version of Visual Studio 2022 will be available “in the next few weeks” and is expected to ship fully later this year alongside Arm64 .NET support.

While Arm devices like the Surface Pro X have been able to run Visual Studio through x64 emulation, some features haven’t been supported and performance has suffered, too. Developers will certainly be intrigued to hear more about native Arm support for Visual Studio 2022 and VS Code, and Microsoft is creating what it describes as an “Arm-native toolchain”:

Full Visual Studio 2022 & VS Code
Visual C++
Modern .NET 6 and Java
Classic .NET Framework
Windows Terminal
WSL and WSA…

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