Mission and Primer

DragonQueen Design & Print Solutions along with Echelon Publishers Group are partnered in order to advocate and facilitate a wide range of business to business and end user services in the realm of digital publishing and automated systems for ease and practicality of use, accessibility, robustness and scalability.

All of this is intended to be achieved organically as we build a solid foundation of quality and value over quantity and cost. This means basically that as we build the platforms for the public, we intend to deliver something, at the very least educational and in the best possible scenario, useful and potentially essential to some workflows. Our ‘seeming preference’ for open source software and communities is not a bias toward any particular style of release, whether it be commercial or freeware, shareware, GPL or etc. We promote the use and development of open source software as it not only allows a large public body of developers to share in an application’s development, but it allows the average Jane, Joe or Bob to be part of innovating and moving a project forward with nobody but the entire community to bear witness. .

We are a very modest couple of companies and we plan to grow. It is our commitment to you, to deliver on our promise of putting YOUR needs first, being innovative and always working with the user-base, not against. To make it a better place, a constitutionally minded place and a place where you will be free to speak your mind and express yourself, however you decide to go about it, we want to help you get that message out.

I’ll be detailing all of our project concepts below. This list will be constantly edited as I add things and make edits. There really is a lot to do, but we have come this far, and only with your patronage and support was this even possible.