Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in over 450 protests across the country Saturday demanding lawmakers take action on gun control laws in the wake of recent mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York. March for Our Lives, the youth-led organization created by students who survived the mass shooting at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, organized Saturday’s rallies.

Patricia and Manuel Oliver, whose son, Joaquin, was among those killed in Parkland, addressed the Washington, DC crowd announcing a new campaign called I Will Avoid. “Our elected officials have betrayed us and avoid the responsibility to end gun violence…Today we announce a new call to action, because I think it’s time to bring a consequence to their inaction.”

Manuel said, “If lawmakers who have the power to keep us safe from gun violence are going to avoid taking action,” then he’s calling for a nationwide strike of schools, from elementary to college.

“Avoid attending school if your leaders fail … to keep us safe,” he said. “Avoid going back to school if President Biden fails to open a White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention so that we can finally give this issue the attention that it deserves.”

He added, “If lawmakers who have the power to keep us safe from gun violence are going to avoid taking action that will save our lives, then young people across this country, everyone else who can hear my voice should also avoid. Avoid attending school if your leaders fail to do the job and keep us safe from gun violence.”

Manuel echoed a call published last month in The Atlantic magazine “Students Should Refuse to Go Back to School” as reported by Common Dreams.

Parkland shooting survivor and activist X Gonzalez also spoke at the Washington rally: “What I say here today is mostly directed at Congress. I’ve spent these past four years doing my best to keep my rage in check, to keep my profanity at a minimum so that everyone can understand and appreciate the arguments I’m trying to make, but I have reached my fucking limit!”

Gonzalez drew loud cheers from the crowd. “We are being murdered. Cursing will not rob us of our innocence. You say that children are the future, and you never fucking listen to what we say once we’re old enough to disagree with you, you decaying degenerates! You really want to protect children? Pass some fucking gun laws!”

In Portland, Maine, hundreds rallied in a park outside the courthouse before they marched through the Old Port and gathered outside of City Hall. As they marched, they chanted, “Hey, hey, hey, NRA, how many kids have to die today.”

LIVE in DC: Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivor X González demands Congress “pass the f*cking gun laws” and “help us you f*cking jack*sses”

Footage from @HannahNighting

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 11, 2022

Parkland dad @manueloliver00 calls for a national strike from school until the President & Congress take action to #EndGunViolence.

— Newtown Action Alliance (@NewtownAction) June 11, 2022

A huge crowd at March For Our Lives today!

— Noah (@noahmitchell0) June 11, 2022

We need to reach a position that allows us to DEMAND! We call for a National Students Strike (all levels of education); we ask students to “Avoid” going to class when the new school year begins until our leaders pass common-sense gun laws. Join the pledge

— Manuel Oliver (@manueloliver00) June 11, 2022

Protesters gathered first at Lincoln park, then at city hall in Portland, Maine to join the March for Our Lives protest against gun violence today. Story and more photos coming @pressherald #EndGunViolence #MarchForOurLivesJune11

— Shawn Patrick Ouellette (@souellette) June 11, 2022

Hundreds gathered in Public Square Park outside the Metro Courthouse in Nashville this morning for a March for Our Lives rally calling on lawmakers to enact stricter gun laws and curb gun violence.

— Meghan Mangrum (@memangrum) June 11, 2022

March for Our Lives, Wilmington NC 6/10/22.

— Sharon Mahony (@SharonMahony) June 11, 2022

Hundreds at the Oakland youth-led March for Our Lives today #march4ourlives @AFTunion @NEAToday @WeAreCTA @CFTunion @UESF @OaklandEA

— Cassondra Curiel (@Ms_Curiel) June 11, 2022

#March for our Lives @Boston

— Bob Warren (@Rmwarren53Bob) June 11, 2022

March for our lives in Oxford, Mi.

— #weekend traveler (@jean2rector) June 11, 2022

At the March For Our Lives rally in Denver this morning. So many local speakers that have been directly impacted by mass shootings.#MarchForOurLivesJune11 #BanAssaultWeaponsNow

— Craig Hebrink (@CraigHebrink) June 11, 2022

Reporting for @mndailynews, I spoke to March for Our Lives protesters in Minneapolis today. Activists marched from Washington Ave to City Hall calling for changes in gun laws.

— Olivia Stevens (@olivstev_) June 11, 2022


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