Whistleblower also noted Hunter Biden involvement in globalist scheme

Mike McCormick, a whistleblower who used to be Joe Biden’s stenographer, joined The Benny Show this week for a wide-ranging discussion.

A viral moment from the interview came when McCormick claimed the CIA worked alongside the Chinese military to intentionally release COVID-19 into the world.

🚨Biden Whistleblower Mike McCormick (@JoeUnauthorized) unveils the CIA was behind the release of Covid:

“The CIA, in my opinion was behind it—they set up this research alliance with China.” pic.twitter.com/PTr2C4RwBi

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) April 23, 2024

“I went into the Oversight Committee a year ago and I talked to them about what happened with Burisma, but I also talked about what was happening with Metabiota. In their interviews of Hunter Biden, Rob Walker, who was also on the Rosemont Seneca Technologies partners group… they never investigated, they don’t even wanna mention Metabiota,” McCormick said.

The whistleblower explained Congress is only interested in Burisma because it could drag down Joe Biden, but noted Hunter’s Metabiota dealings were “dark and dirty and very serious.”

He pointed out Metabiota was directly involved in the Wuhan, China, laboratory that COVID-19 was released from, as Infowars has reported for years.

In conclusion, the former Biden stenographer suggested people like Tara O’Toole, Avril Haines, Ron Klain and Dr. Anthony Fauci be investigated for their involvement in the release of COVID-19.

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