Pedestrian detained and charged after fighting with security officer, as mayor filmed ad for new restaurant opening.

The mayor of a California city was filming a promo when a pedestrian came up and started an altercation with his security detail.

The incident unfolded on camera Tuesday evening in downtown San Jose, as Mayor Matt Mahan attempted to film an ad promoting a new restaurant opening.

In the middle of an interview with San Jose’s mayor, a random guy starts fighting the mayor’s security.

California is literally a GTA

— Adam B. Coleman, The Black Zoolander (@wrong_speak) April 25, 2024

The video begins with a man walking behind Mahan and uttering an obscenity as the mayor was filming.

The man can next be heard getting into a verbal altercation with the mayor’s security guard, a San Jose police officer, who told the man “mind your (explicit) business.”

The man can also be heard saying, “I’m going to go do what the (explicit) I was going to do right before you walked up to me.”

A physical altercation next ensued as the man and the security officer began fighting on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, with officers later arriving and detaining the man.

Amid the fracas, the mayor can be seen frantically going through his phone.

According to KRON4, the security officer “sustained an injury during the altercation and was taken to the hospital,” but has since been released.

KRON reports the man was booked “for multiple charges, including felony battery on a police officer,” while the incident is still under investigation.

The mayor’s office issued a statement reading:

“Mayor Matt Mahan is deeply grateful to his security detail and the entire San Jose Police Department. The actions of the Officer tonight were heroic and a testament to the deescalation training that makes our officers effective, compassionate and stewards of community trust. His thoughts are with the Officer and he hopes for a speedy recovery. The Mayor understands how privileged he is to have an armed officer protecting him at all times, and is resolved in his commitment to create a safer city for everyone. That means hiring more police officers and addressing the root causes of crime, including by intervening earlier and more effectively in cycles of addiction, mental illness and violence.”


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