The climate cult narrative went up in flames as officials reported wildfires were man-made.

According to Canadian officials on Wednesday, nearly all of the forest fires in the Provence Alberta were set by people, not man made climate change as the mainstream media has claimed.

During a news conference in Edmonton, Canada, Todd Loewen, Alberta minister of forestry and parks provided information on the wildfire situation in the province, stating that humans setting fires are to blame.

“We expect that almost all of the wildfires we’ve experienced so far this year are human caused, given the point we’re at in the season and the types of weather we’re seeing,” Loewen said.

Alberta has extinguished 172 wildfires so far in 2024 while 63 are currently burning.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said last August that the fires in her Provence were the result of humans and not climate change.

“All I know is in my province we have 650 fires and 500 of them were human caused,” Smith said when asked if the fires could be from climate change.

🔥Video : Almost all of the 205 wildfires in Alberta in 2024, were human caused.

This is incredible since the 5 year average for Alberta is a total of 120 fires by now. There are 63 fires active right now in Alberta.

Why are so many fires being lit by humans?

— Bruce McGonigal (@bruce_mcgonigal) April 24, 2024

“In Quebec, satellite footage also showed the mysterious simultaneous eruption of several blazes across the province, sparking concerns that the fires were a coordinated effort by arsonists,” Lifesite said.

The unusual Canadian wildfires have already been used as an excuse for more government control.

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