Leftist policies boomerang back to harm the people behind them

Los Angeles area California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff was robbed during a visit to San Francisco this week.

Now running for the late Dianne Feinstein’s vacated California U.S. Senate seat, Schiff was in the Golden Gate City to attend a dinner with supporters.

However, when the prominent Democrat went to his vehicle in a downtown San Francisco parking garage, he found the car was broken into and his luggage was missing.


“I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco’.”

Adam Schiff is ROBBED in San Francisco causing him to show up at a meeting with no suit.

The San Francisco Chronicle tried (and failed) to make light of the thievery.

“Hello to the city, goodbye to your luggage. That was… pic.twitter.com/GSMFUTxJx6

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) April 26, 2024

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “The heist meant the Democratic congressman got stuck at a fancy dinner party in his shirt sleeves and a hiking vest while everyone else sat in suits. Not quite the look the man from Burbank was aiming for as he rose to thank powerhouse attorney Joe Cotchett for his support in his bid to replace the late Dianne Feinstein in the U.S. Senate.”

An attendee of the dinner told the Chronicle, “I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco.’”

The crime-ridden state of America’s Democrat-led cities is apparently a joke to the elitist politicians running the nation into the ground.


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