Tucker Carlson explains how self-reporting survey found nearly 20% of respondents admitted committing some form of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

About 20% of mail-in ballots in the 2020 election were fraudulent, which effectively handed the presidency to Joe Biden, Tucker Carlson reported Friday.

Carlson broke down a survey conducted by the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen which found that approximately 1 in 5 of those polled admitted they committed some form of election fraud in the 2020 election.

About one in five mail-in ballots in the last election was fraudulent, handing Biden the presidency. We know this because the people who committed the fraud have admitted it in a new poll. pic.twitter.com/fxHL9hT4sw

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) April 26, 2024

The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins broke down the survey which asked voters in a roundabout way whether they committed some form of voter fraud.

“We asked people a series of questions, one of the first questions was ‘did you vote in the 2020, and did you vote with an absentee ballot?’ And if they answered yes to both of those questions, then we asked a bunch of questions related to voter fraud. We didn’t tell them that we were asking, ‘did you commit voter fraud?’ We just asked them about various behaviors,” Haskins explained.

“For example, we asked people, ‘did you vote in a state where you’re no longer a legal resident?’ That’s a pretty straightforward question. If you’re not a permanent resident of a state, you can’t vote there. 17% of people, nearly one in five, said yes they did do that.”

“We asked people, ‘did you fill out a ballot for someone else on their behalf?’ That’s also illegal,” he continued. “You’re not allowed to fill out someone else’s ballot. 21% of people said yes to that question.”

“We asked if people forged the signature of a friend or family member on their behalf with or without their permission. We actually put that in the poll question. And 17% of people said yes to that.”

“So all told, it’s at least — and I say at least — 1 in 5 mail-in ballots involved some sort of fraudulent activity,” Haskins added.

To top it off, 10% of those surveyed said they personally know somebody who admitted they committed one of these forms of voter fraud.

Over 43% of 2020 voters cast ballots by mail, the highest percentage in U.S. history, according to election data, and the majority of mail-in ballot voters supported Biden.

Without mail-in ballot fraud, the Heartland Institute concluded Trump would have won 311 electoral votes to Biden’s 227.

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