Over 20 men were sentenced on Friday for horrific abuse lasting more than a decade

Over twenty men who were part of an Asian grooming gang were sentenced to a combined total of 346 years in prison on Friday, for sexually exploiting girls in West Yorkshire, UK. The abuse they subjected eight girls to over a period of a decade was described by police as “abhorrent in the extreme.”

The men were prosecuted after West Yorkshire police began investigating historical allegations of sex abuse in the north Kirklees area during the period from 1999 to 2012. Arrests were made in 2018.

Twenty-five men have been jailed for the r&pe, sexual abuse & trafficking of 8 girls in North Kirklees from 1999-2012 at Leeds Crown Court.

I’m please to report the sentences are savage.

Khurum Raziq, Heckmondwike – 22 years

Nasar Hussain, from Dewsbury – 18 years

Zafar… pic.twitter.com/ijjbxZ7qxQ

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Restrictions had been imposed on reporting the trials, which took place over a period of two years. On Friday, as sentencing was passed for seven of the men, those restrictions were finally lifted.

Four of the men convicted were handed sentences of over 20 years.

During the trials, juries were given details of “absolutely shocking offending.” Victims were treated as “defenceless commodities to be abused and traded at whim.”

Detective Chief Inspector Oliver Coates, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Men such Asif Ali, who alone was found guilty of 14 rape offences, committed appalling sexual abuse on a scale which can barely be believed.

“Far from being powerless however, those young women have instead fought back as adults and forced them to account for their crimes.”

Coates praised the bravery of the women in “coming forward and identifying their abusers,” noting that the prosecution could not have happened otherwise.

Reporting in the mainstream media in the UK has not focused on the ethnicity or religion of the men convicted. Only one man in the group of over 20—Michael Birkenshaw—is white.

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