“Political correctness is a war on noticing,” says Steve Sailer

My cat has developed this awful habit.

Whenever she wants something, she finds the nearest wooden surface—a door, the side of a bookcase, my acoustic guitar—and starts to paw at it. Rapidly. With her claws out.

The sound is unbearable, especially when she does it on the bedboard. She knows I can’t ignore it for more than about two seconds. I wish I could get her to stop.

Animals notice things, like how annoying sounds can get them more food even though they’ve only been fed five minutes ago.

Humans notice things too. Noticing is the basis of modern man’s crowning achievement, science. The entire enterprise is built on noticing regularities and making laws and actionable knowledge out of them.

Noticing is how man split the atom, built rockets that put Neil Armstrong on the moon and created powerful camera-phones that allow us to send high-resolution images of our private parts around the world in an instant. No noticing, no science; no science, no modern world.

Noticing is also one of the most politically dangerous things you can do today.

As Steve Sailer put it, “Political correctness is a war on noticing.” He’s absolutely right. In order to be politically correct today, in order to signal your obedience to the new civic religion of the liberal bien-pensant elite, you have to stop noticing things. A lot of things.

It’s a ritual of submission, in fact.

Noticing isn’t the same thing as seeing. You can see something without noticing it. You can see the same people doing something again and again and not notice that it’s the same people doing that thing, again and again.

And even if you start to notice, if you’re too afraid to say what you’ve noticed—perhaps because you think you’ll lose your job, be prosecuted by the police or simply be held in contempt by so-called “polite” society—you’re not really noticing either.

Plenty of us know this is going on.

We’ve all noticed it.

Here’s an example of something you’re not allowed to notice for political reasons. In Britain today, you’re not allowed to notice that Asian Muslim men are deliberately targeting white British girls for rape on an industrial scale. You’re not allowed to notice that it’s been going on for decades, and you’re also not allowed to notice that the government, police and authorities are complicit in ensuring that it keeps on happening, because the root causes of the phenomenon—anti-white hatred and an alien religious chauvinism brought to the country by millions of immigrants in recent decades—simply cannot be addressed.

Today I reported on the conclusion of a ghastly trial at Leeds Crown Court in which over 20 Asian Muslim men were sentenced to nearly 350 years in jail for passing around and raping eight young white girls over a period of more than a decade.

The victims were treated as “defenceless commodities to be abused and traded at a whim.” Police described the abuse as “abhorrent in the extreme.”

And yet, neither the police nor the mainstream media have commented on a very noticeable pattern. All of the perpetrators, bar one, are Asian Muslims.

Beneath a gallery of musghots of the predators, you’ll see a roll-call of the names—Khurum Raziq, Nasa Hussain, Zafar Qayum, Ansar Qayum, Mohammed Jabbar Qayum, Mohammed Imran Zada…—but no mention of the obvious factors and motivations behind the targeting of poor white British girls, who are considered to be fair game because they aren’t Muslim.

Twenty-five men have been jailed for the r&pe, sexual abuse & trafficking of 8 girls in North Kirklees from 1999-2012 at Leeds Crown Court.

I’m please to report the sentences are savage.

Khurum Raziq, Heckmondwike – 22 years

Nasar Hussain, from Dewsbury – 18 years

Zafar… pic.twitter.com/ijjbxZ7qxQ

— David Atherton (@DaveAtherton20) April 27, 2024

The Quran’s doctrine of “what the right hand possesses” (“ma malakat aymanukum”) has been used for 1,400 years to justify the taking of sex slaves from among the women of “non-believers” or “kuffars” in war.

And that’s exactly what these young girls are: sex slaves. Prizes of hatred and war. Bits of meat to be distributed, used and, finally, discarded.

The grooming and the rape have been taking place for decades in the UK. It’s well documented. A 2017 study by a think-tank showed that 84% of people convicted of grooming-gang offences in the UK since 2005 were Asian men. There have even been suggestions, voiced in Parliament, that between 250,000 and a million children may have been abused across the nation, on the basis of projections from the victim counts in wretched, dilapidated northern towns like Rochdale and Oldham.

After public outcry, there have been multiple official investigations. They’ve looked in detail at police procedures for handling complaints, interviewed survivors of the abuse and documented the cowardly failings of social services, local government and the police to protect vulnerable little girls from the depredations of hideous creatures like those convicted this last Friday.

All of these reports have shied away from addressing the obvious facts about the race and religion of the perpetrators and the race and religion of the victims. There may be a passing remark about policemen feeling anxious not to be labelled “racist” if they pulled over Asian taxi drivers trafficking white children around northern towns—but that will be the only trace you’ll find of the true story behind these avoidable tragedies.

The most recent report, commissioned by Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and released a few months ago, was a typical whitewash. It tells the shocking stories of girls like Victoria Agoglia, a 15-year old who reported to the police that she was being plied with drugs and alcohol and raped by a gang of Asian men. The police refused to investigate. Agoglia was injected with a lethal dose of heroin by one of her abusers. God rest her poor little soul.

But nowhere in the report were race and religion brought up, not properly. The word “white” appears only twice in 173 pages, and one of those instances is a quotation from a newspaper article that simply mentions the race of one of the victims.

The perpetrators are breezily referred to in some cases as “Asians,” with the suggestion that they might just as well be members of Aum Shinrikyo from Japan or Moonies from Korea and not all Muslim men from Pakistan.

It’s like it’s some kind of dirty secret that just can’t be spoken, because then everything would just come crashing down. The whole edifice of modern British society. Rubble.

Except it isn’t a secret. It’s right there in front of you, me—all of us.

The truth is, the willingness not to notice these things—the failures of multiculturalism and mass immigration, the deep contempt for the British people and their way of life held by the ruling classes and the institutions they control—is the price of admission as a citizen of the new Britain. And what a terrible price it is.

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