Chilling reminder of how quickly things could happen if WWIII is launched

A new book highlighted in a Politico article this week describes how mankind could destroy itself within a mere 72 minutes if global leaders took part in an all-out nuclear war.

Most people would prefer to not think about how bad a nuclear war would be, but not Annie Jacobsen.

A Q&A with the author on her new book, which sketches out the scenario for all 72 minutes between the first missile launch and the end of the world ⬇️

— POLITICO (@politico) April 29, 2024

A New York Times bestseller, Nuclear War: A Scenario by Annie Jacobsen, lays out the steps nations would take during a nuclear conflict minute-by-minute.

One of the triggers for a third world war would be a nuclear missile being launched at the United States, according to the book.

Jacobsen interviewed dozens of military and civilian experts in nuclear weaponry and war strategies for the project.

She described a hypothetical scenario where one maniacal national leader, in this case North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, sent a pair of nuclear missiles at the U.S. and the American president had to make a decision on whether or not to retaliate.

The author suggested Russia could send its nuclear weapons at the U.S. if the American response to the North Korean attack had missiles flying over their air space.

Concluding the hypothetical situation, Jacobsen writes, “72 minutes later three nuclear-armed states have managed to kill billions of people, with the remainder left starving on a poisoned Earth where the sun no longer shines and food no longer grows.”

Politico noted some experts rebuked the idea of having to send nuclear weapons over Russian air space, claiming the U.S. would instead use submarine-launched ballistic missiles from the Pacific Ocean.

The book is being released as NATO and Russia are posturing for a fight, the world is becoming increasingly divided over Israel’s destruction of Gaza, and Iran and Israel are trading militaristic blows.

The top headlines on the Drudge Report Tuesday included the Politico piece along with several other articles hinting towards a potential nuclear war erupting over the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

For example, The Sun wrote, “Europe planning new ‘nuclear umbrella’ with 300 French nuke missiles spread across continent for showdown with Russia.”

Legacy media is continuing to prime the public for WWIII to erupt, but at least they’re starting to let people know how dangerous this globalist game really is for mankind.


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