Ridiculous ruling sparks huge lawsuit

Earlier this month, Infowars reported on a group of West Virginia middle school girls who protested against being forced to compete with a transgender student during a shot put event.

Instead of competing against a biological male, the young ladies walked into the shot put sector, briefly stood, and walked off without tossing a shot.

🚨🚨FIVE middle school female athletes in West Virginia refuse to throw shot put against male, Becky Pepper-Jackson.

This comes just 2 days after the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the WV law that says you must compete in the category that matches your sex.

It’s a… pic.twitter.com/RzMgh4jVRU

— Riley Gaines (@Riley_Gaines_) April 19, 2024

Now, five of the girls who protested against competing with biological males have been banned from participating in future sporting events by the Harrison County Board of Education.

West Virginia’s Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced a lawsuit against the county education board on behalf of the female students.

“I will do everything in my power to defend these brave young girls. This is just wrong. We must stand for what’s right and oppose these radical trans policies,” Morrisey said Monday. 


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