‘We’re going to lose the election, we’re going to lose Michigan if we don’t turn this around,” says liberal filmmaker.

Filmmaker Michael Moore warned in a direct message to Joe Biden that his stance on Israel will result in former President Trump getting elected in November.

Speaking with CNN’s The Source host Kaitlan Collins on Tuesday, Moore spoke at length about the ongoing pro-Palestine protests at university campuses before addressing Biden’s strong support of Israel.

Moore highlighted Biden’s weakness with the youth vote after Collins cited a recent CNN poll showing 81% of people under 35 disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

“I know we’re speaking to millions of people, but I’d like to speak to one particular individual and that is President Biden,” Moore said.

“His chance of not being reelected, I think, at this point is so great because of those numbers, and because he’s losing the youth vote. He’s lost the Arab American vote in Michigan,” Moore said.

“I’m trying to save Joe Biden…We need an immediate ceasefire. It is wrong. The mass slaughter of innocents, of children, of women, of the elderly is a sin. It is absolutely against what we believe. I know you know that too,” Moore said in his message to the puppet president.

He then pleaded to Biden to “pull the plug” on Israel’s offensive in the West Bank and “shut it down.”

“You can stop the killing tonight. You pull the plug, you close the bank, you shut it down. Doesn’t mean we’re not going to support Israel, protect Israel, absolutely. All of that. But that’s not what’s going on here. It’s a mass slaughter, it’s so– it’s madness, President Biden, and you know this.”

“Democrats are going, ‘don’t be saying this, we got to win the election.’ But we’re going to lose the election, we’re going to lose Michigan if we don’t turn this around,” he added. “If President Biden doesn’t turn this around, that is going to do more to put Trump back in the White House.”

This comes on the heels of a CNN poll that found Trump dominating Biden by 6 six points in a two-way matchup — and 9 points if a third-party candidate is included.

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